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Micha & Tom’s Fun, Relaxed, Informal Wedding

I could tell from the minute I met this couple that their wedding was going to be a day of great fun and laughter and I am so pleased to be able…

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My Manx Wedding

Eco-friendly wedding flowers? This is where to find them!The environment has always been something we have cared deeply about at The Flower Studio, and this year it has been pressed deeper onto our flowery heart to really commit to making a change and making a difference. Here is how we are going to do it... 💚💚💚

* recycle - we recycle ALL of our green waste back to compost as well as recycling card and paper waste locally 🌳

* re-use - we love to turn rubbish into something beautiful and items such as our Blooming Cantastic designs do just this! 🌺

* reduce - we searched high and low to find an alternative to the polypropylene sheets we use for aqua packs on our bouquets, but unfortunately, there isn't a suitable (i.e. waterproof!) one. So we have redesigned our packaging to reduce the use of plastics by over two thirds and we would encourage customers to try and re-use the polypropylene before eventually recycling it. 🌍

* provenance - we care where every stem has come from that we use in The Flower Studio. Most of our greenery is grown just down the road from us and during the Summer months, we have a beautiful supply of locally grown flowers. But for the rest of our blooms, we carefully choose growers further afield that operate under labels such as MPS and FFP where we can be guaranteed that they are ethically and environmentally sound. 👍

* educate - this is where you lovely lot come in... Each design that we send out from The Flower Studio from now on will come with an advice slip (printed on recycled paper obvs!) to let you know which items can be recycled or re-used. And to give you a little incentive, there are certain things that we will swap with you for cold hard cash if you bring them back to us in excellent condition! 💷😎

We want you to really enjoy our flowers safe in the knowledge that their production has had minimal impact on the environment - keep a look out for more of our eco-friendly designs coming soon!
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1 week ago

Eco-friendly wedding flowers?  This is where to find them!

We love a bit of romance here at MMW HQ... if you are planning on popping the big question this month we would love to help you celebrate! Get in touch for more details!⠀
#isleofman #isleofmanwedding #mymanxwedding #valentines #proposal #2018wedding
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2 weeks ago

We love a bit of romance here at MMW HQ... if you are planning on popping the big question this month we would love to help you celebrate!  Get in touch for more details!⠀
#isleofman #isleofmanwedding #mymanxwedding #valentines #proposal #2018wedding
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My Manx Wedding

Just wow 😍~ Bold ~ Unique ~ Outstanding ~

A striking combination of deep black, bright white and soft rose gold - and who said flowers needed to be small anyway?! Xxx
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3 weeks ago

Just wow 😍